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Chambers Coffee House
I stopped in at ChambersCoffee House, located on South Tay Street for the first time recently and was absolutely stunned.  The food is delicious.

You can take a peek at their web site here www.chamberscoffeehouse.co.uk/
Apparently they rotate the evening menu monthly and while it is a bit pricey for a student budget it might be a good place to eat after my brutally late fortnightly writing seminar.  More pictures and actual detailed analysis of the meal are under the cut.

On the menu, which can be viewed via the website, this is listed as an open faced creamy pepper steak sandwich.  The steak itself comes down from Aberdeen.  It had a very loose grain so it was delightfully tender and juicy.  The creamy pepper sauce had a sweet bite and never showed any signs of becoming heavy or cloying.  Generous strips of saucy steak rested on a bed of greens that wilted gently and retained a clear, bright flavour rather than becoming slimey or bitter.  The Ciabatta bread was properly chewy with an edge of tartness that, when paired with the greens, helped to keep my pallet clear.  

This sandwich is served with a salad made up of the same greens that rest beneath the steak and veggies crisps.  The salad is dressed with light drizzlings of a creamy French vinaigrette that kept it pleasingly refreshing.  This was my first encounter with veggie crisps but it shall not be my last.  Each variety of veggie complemented a flavourful facet of the dish as a whole while being a crunchy counter point texture.  As I rarely drink alcohol I kept things bubbly with a serving of Appletiser.

I finished the meal with a Mint Mocha which was rich and satisfying.


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