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It's been grey and blustery a lot the last three weeks which usually lures me into the kitchen to make hearty foods.  I also tend to start feeling home-sick for foods and eateries I no longer have access too.  So I finally broke down and attempted to re-create a veggie heavy dish by Lok Yaun, my Chinese restaurant of choice in Eugene, Oregon.  The only ingredients I didn't have on hand were water-chestnuts and crispy fried noodles.  Otherwise my knock off tasted pretty accurate and was attractive in the bowl.

I also made chicken soup, from a left over carcass no less, for the first time.  The process is a bit more fiddly than I would have liked seeing how I'm being pestered by low energy and a high work-load at the moment BUT I enjoyed the end product enough that this will be making it into my regular meal rotation.  I especially liked how easy it was for me to refresh the leftover soup with a bit of fresh stock and a few more noodles as I ended up fighting off a cold.  OJ and Chicken Soup for the win =)



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