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Summer Lunch
high tea
Hi everyone, it has certainly been an age since I posted anything!  Part of the reason for such a long hiatus is that I relocated to Paisley, a small town about twenty minutes outside of Glasgow.  Needless to say Glasgow is a totally different kettle of fish when it comes to culinary delights.

This was Chicken Yakisoba with Ebi Gyoza from Ichiban.  The sushi and noodle cafe is located in the city centre at 50 Queen Street and there is a West end location as well which makes deliveries.  The noodles were very savory, the chicken was sweetly salty and tender although I would have liked a bit more veg in the mix.  The Gyoza were stuffed with prawns, pork, leek and cabbage.  They were delightfully crunchy on the outside and moist inside, dipping was not required.  This was a good thing because that tiny dish at the bottom of the picture is rice vinegar with fresh chilli, it nearly blew my head off  =)

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