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Naaaaaany State
A long term friend of mine is a young professional living down in grand old London town. He works long hours, and if he is anything like me when it comes to fooding while tired, at the end of the day would probably just like to come home and order in a nice take-away. While consulting Yell, the on-line version of the yellow pages, he came across this. www.yell.com/restaurants/information/making-a-meal-out-of-takeaways

Indian takeaway food
With Indian takeaway food there are lots of healthy options. Grilled meat dishes, such as Tandoori Chicken, are a great takeaway food, as they're low in fat and rich in hunger-busting protein. Dal (lentils) is high in B vitamins (for a healthy immune system), iron (which helps transport oxygen around your body), soluble fibre (for lowering cholesterol) and protein (for building muscle), making them one of the healthiest takeaway food choices. Less healthy options are creamy curries like Korma, samosa, pakora and bhaji - and anything deep-fried.
~ I am not an expert in eating indian food so I actually can't comment here but I do have friends that cook Curries a lot and I don't hear them exactly moaning about how unhealthy they are.

Chinese takeaway food
While your regular Chinese takeaway food choices can be high in salt, fat and cholesterol, there are lots of healthy options, too. Tofu - soya bean curd - is low fat, low cholesterol and iron-rich takeaway food. Another tasty but healthy takeaway food option is beef in black bean sauce has plenty of protein for healthy muscles and garlic for lowering cholesterol. Less healthy options include crispy duck and fried rice - swap for steamed rice instead.
~ This is so many shades of BS in my book. First off I'm actually allergic to tofu, secondly it tastes awful no matter how you 'dress it up'. Duck is of course full of fat however when prepared carefully can still be part of a healthy meal. If you don't know how your take-away is preparing their food: SHAME ON YOU! The same can be said for fried rice prepared in a mono saturated oil especially if combined with fresh and succulent Asian veggies. The key to eating Chinese in a healthy fashion is avoiding batter-fried foods and syrupy sauces.

Takeaway pizza
To help you make healthy choices when your takeaway food is pizza, remember that thin crusts are lower in calories and salt than thick crusts. Go for vegetable toppings - use your takeaway food to help you on your way to your recommended five portions of fruits and veg a day. Less healthy options include thick crusts and extra cheese - empty calories, packed with salt. Avoid eating whole pizzas on your own - this is a takeaway food to share; not a meal for one.
~ If you are a regular, everyday sit on your bum to do a days work toffer and you are consuming even a medium pizza in one sitting, there is something very, very wrong. I am an unabashed glutton and I can't manage it. Pizza Hut invented personalized pizzas as a marketing gimmick but it does encourage portion control. I can also support the thin crust recommendation however only certain veggies work well on pizza and I hate to do this but sweet corn isn't one of them!

Takeaway kebabs
Here the healthiest options are chicken kebabs - leaner than a doner, and hummus. The humble chickpea dip makes this takeaway food healthier than the usual calorie-rich dressing. Less healthy options include doners and chips.
~ Right, kebabs are just drunk food plain and simple in my book. If you drink enough to find a kebab shop glimmering in your beer goggles then you are already on a binge and a bit more isn't gonna be the death of you. Doner meat actually scares me as it is highly processed and anything deep fried is gonna linger on your hips. When visiting my local kebab shop I choose to eat a lamb or chicken Shishkebab with herbed yogurt rather than the heavy chili sauce. They even have an option with veggies like onion, green pepper and whole mushrooms taking up space on the skewer too.

Fish and chips
When it comes to the traditional British takeaway, fish is always the healthiest option, but hold the batter. Lots of chippies offer grilled fish nowadays, which is healthier too.
~ Are you fucking British or not? I wouldn't touch anything fishy with a barge pole and yet I am aware that Fish and Chips are quintessential in a normal diet here. Grilled fish is for civilized dining not lazy take-away dinners.

In the end if you want to eat healthy, pay attention to how people are preparing your food or bloody fix it yourself. I am actually just floored that people would be considered so ignorant as to be unaware that take-aways are less than the best option for supper AND need to be patronized in such a fashion.


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